Program Chair

July 30, 2021

by Alena Grabowski

Program Chair



I’m very excited about the virtual ASB 2021 scientific program and look forward to virtually seeing everyone in August. The program committee and I have developed interactive programming that is focused on delivering high-quality scientific presentations and facilitating discussions. The virtual program will be aimed at promoting diverse perspectives within biomechanics. Below are a few highlights from the upcoming program:

  • Keynotes from: Dr. David Hu, who has expertise in comparative biomechanics and locomotion and has earned two Ig Nobel prizes for Physics, and Dr. Cara Wall-Scheffler, who has expertise in the fields biomechanics, locomotor energetics, telemetry physiology, paleontology, archaeozoology, and behavioral ecology, and studies how women in particular have a rare (among mammals) ability to work both efficiently (energy per unit mass) and economically (total energy) when carrying loads.
  • 12 Rapid Podium Sessions on Zoom
  • 3 Poster Sessions on SpatialChat
  • The 3-min thesis competition
  • Professional development sessions
  • 2 Symposia: The Evolving Role of Biomechanics for Improving the Health and Performance of Cancer Patients and Personalized Neurorehab – Can patient-specific measures of motor-learning inform intervention?
  • 2 Borelli Keynotes
  • Founders, Pytel, and Hay Award sessions
  • A workshop on how to be a culturally competent mentor
  • 3 Tutorials: Federal funding opportunities for biomechanics research; Teamwork makes the dream work: how to build data repositories; and Fostering symbiotic relationships between undergraduates and productive biomechanics research
  • Many social events

We are in the process of scheduling the poster and podium sessions and finalizing the program. Though I wish I could see you all in person, I look forward to visiting with you virtually this summer!

The 2021 Meeting will be held virtually Aug. 10-13, 2021. We look forward to an exciting program and to sharing biomechanics research!

Alena Grabowski

Alena Grabowski

Program Chair

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