Hola from your Communications Chair! Here are the updates from your ASB Communications Team:

  • The Communications team has been working with Podium and other members of the ASB Executive Board to make sure the ASB website is up-to-date and accurate.
  •  Several webpages including Fellows Page, Programs and Labs webpage, Regional Meetings, Awards and other have been updated.
  • More than 10 new programs and labs have been added to the list on the website. If your program is not listed or needs to be edited on the webpage, please send your institute’s name and weblink for the Department’s page (separate link for each department) to the Communications Chair at ASBcommunications@asbweb.org. The Communications team has been using Twitter as the primary social media platform (https://twitter.com/AmSocBiomech)


  • Currently there are more than 7200 followers on Twitter. The Communications team regularly tweets about ASB-related deadlines for annual conferences, awards and others. We also tweet about student events and regional ASB meetings. To promote the science of Biomechanics, we retweet conference and awards deadlines from other Biomechanics-based conferences. Be sure to follow your ASB using the twitter handle: @AmSocBiomech
  • The Communications team is also working with the ASB Student Rep and the Student Committee members to generate creative content on social media and website. So keep an eye for it!

The Communications team is also eagerly looking forward to seeing you all in the beautiful Knoxville, TN for the Annual ASB Meeting in August! Be sure to tag @AmSocBiomech in your Twitter posts related to the Annual Meeting and regional meetings, and use #ASB2023 for the Annual meeting. If you have suggestions for the Communications team in terms of website changes, social media posts or anything else, please feel free to contact me!