Professional Development Series

The ASB Student Committee is pleased to announce our new Professional Development series, a series of online events geared toward students’ professional development. This series of workshops will feature students, post-docs, faculty, and industry partners who will discuss topics chosen by the ASB Student Committee. Topics will include navigating career choices post-graduation, managing work/life balance, and finding/applying for funding opportunities. We intend to schedule a bi-monthly Professional Development event. Details on each upcoming event are available in the calendar listing below.

All are welcomed to attend the Professional Development series. There are no fees to participate but participants must register to attend. If you have a specific topic or speaker you’d like to hear from, please contact your student representative Anna Bailes at

Upcoming Events

No events scheduled. Check back soon!


Episode 07: ASB Student Chapter Career Panel: Five panelists share their career experiences in diverse fields within biomechanics

Date and time: Tuesday, May 8, 2024

Shriniwas Patwardhan, National Institute of Health
Lindsey Becker, Nebraska Cancer Specialists
Divya Srinivasan, Clemson University
Jessica Aviles, Clemson University
Sarah Hemler, University of Geneva


EVENT 06: Distraction -Free Working

Hosted by: Dr. Kurt Beschorner

Date and time: Wednesday, February 21st at 6pm ET/5pm CT.


  • Identify and eliminate diverse workplace distractions.
  • Understand the crucial link between distractions, mental health, and overall work-life balance.
  • Acquire practical tools and techniques easily implementable at work and beyond.


EVENT 05: Turning an Academic CV into an Industry Resume

Hosted by: Arlene Taich, career consultant at Washington University in St. Louis

Date and time: Thursday, November 30th at 5pm ET/4pm CT.


EVENT 04: Student Panel Annual Meeting Preparation

Panelists: Danny Davis, Lauren Luginsland, Jenny Leetsma

Moderator: Asal Aflatounian

Date and time: Wednesday, June 21st 6-7:30pm EDT/3pm PDT


EVENT 03: Maintaining Clinical Relevance in Musculoskeletal Soft Tissue Mechanics Research

Presenter: Spencer Lake, Washington University in St. Louis

Date and time: Thursday, April 20th 5pm ET/4pm CT

Highlights: Spencer will be talking about his work in tendon research and how he keeps things clinically relevant (something we all strive for in our research).


  • Spencer Lake’s research focuses on multiscale structure-function of orthopaedic soft tissues
  • This talk will present three vignettes of research projects that successfully leveraged clinical collaborations
  • The importance of maintaining focus on clinical applicability of basic science research


EVENT 02: Student Professional Development Event

Hosted by: Erica Bell, postdoctoral research fellow and cofounder of Black Biomechanists Association

Date and time: Wednesday, February 8th at 7pm ET/6pm CT


Event 01: Obstacles and Strategies for Code Development and Sharing in Biomechanics

Presenter: Mitchell Tillman (PhD Candidate at Stevens Institute of Technology)

Title of paper: Obstacles and Strategies for Code Development and Sharing in Biomechanics

Date and time: Thursday, December 8th, 5pm CT/6pm ET


  • What if you could integrate any data analysis code from the literature into your existing code with just a click? In this seminar, learn how a common framework for scientific computing can facilitate this and more.
  • Code sharing in biomechanics is still in its infancy. What are the technical barriers to sharing code, and how can we overcome them? To learn about a proposed framework that overcomes these obstacles, join the our first Professional Development Series seminar.
  • No framework currently exists to facilitate scientific code sharing. Join this seminar to learn about a proposed application for scientific computing that facilitates reproducible, modular, and shareable data analysis.



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