Meeting Awards

At each Annual Meeting, ASB honors excellence in research presented at the meeting. Individual meeting awards are selected based on the quality of the abstract submissions and oral presentations (Journal of Biomechanics and Clinical Biomechanics Awards) or the quality of a poster presentation (President’s Award). The winners of the meeting awards are announced at the close of the meeting.


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Past Journal of Biomechanics Winners


The metabolic cost of walking balance control and adaption in young adults
Shawn Ahuja and Jason R. Franz 

Exploring the functional boundaries and metabolism of triceps surae force-length relations during walking
Callum J. Funk, Rebecca L. Krupenevich, Gregory S. Sawicki, and Jason R. Franz


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Past Clinical Biomechanics Award


Imu-derived ergonomic metrics measured during daily life may differentiate manual wheelchair users with spinal cord injury with and without rotator cuff pathology progression
Omid Jahanian, Meegan G. Van Straaten, Brianna M. Goodwin, Stephen M. Cain, Jonathan D. Barlow, Naveen S. Murthy, and Melissa M. B. Morrow

Redistribution of muscular work by children with cerebral palsy walking in crouch
Anahid Ebrahimi, Michael Schwartz, Jack Martin, Tom Novacheck, and Darryl Thelen

President’s Award

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Past President's Award Winners