ASB Support of Students

In addition to having an elected Executive Board position for a student representative, ASB provides several venues for student engagement in Society initiatives and student participation at the Annual Meeting.

Engagement in Society Initiatives

Over the last few years, the Student Committee has initiated and organized initiatives dedicated to students and early career researchers.

Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) Series

Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) Series Student Author AMA Series is a series of online events by and for students. The AMA series features students that have recently published a paper talking to other students about their research and sharing their experience with the publishing process. Participation is free. Recordings of past events are available on the website.

Professional Development Series

Started in the Fall of 2022, the novel Professional Development online events are geared toward students’ professional development. This series of workshops features students, post-docs, faculty, and industry partners who will discuss topics chosen by the ASB Student Committee. Topics will include navigating career choices post-graduation, managing work/life balance, and finding/applying for funding opportunities. Participation is free. Recording of past events are available on the website.

Student Chapters

The ASB Student Body provides comprehensive intellectual and professional development among students. Networking, collaboration, and discourse throughout the ASB Student Body is essential to the long-term growth of the society as a whole, as future industry and academic leaders will arise from today’s students. There are 14 active Student Chapters at universities around the country, and the Student Committee provides excellent support for students who wish to form their own Student Chapter.

Funding for Student Research

ASB financially offers a source of research funding.

Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid Program

ASB distributes grants which are intended to offset the costs directly associated with conducting research. Funds may be used for small equipment items, materials and supplies, animal or participant costs (including participant travel), and statistical consulting services or other research services. Further details are available here.

Support to students from disadvantaged backgrounds

The Diversity Committee and Affinity Groups have also created several initiatives outside of the Annual Meeting to support students from disadvantaged backgrounds. These are open to all members, and many events are open to anyone regardless of ASB membership.

Biomechanics Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (B-SURE)

This program offers scholarship support to students from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue research mentored by an ASB member. It is intended to remove the barriers associated with financial need and a lack of a professional network.  Details available here

Black Biomechanists Association

BBA offers community outreach, professional programming, supportive mentoring, and other programming to support Black Biomechanists and Allies throughout the year.

International Women in Biomechanics

IWB hosts monthly teleconference meetings and workshops aimed to provide resources and professional training to the IWB community.

Latinx in Biomechanix

LiB provides networking opportunities and uplifts its members’ accomplishments to support Latinx Biomechanists and Allies.

The Biomechanics Initiative

TBI leads National Biomechanics Day events worldwide, focusing and leveraging our outreach efforts to grow Biomechanics especially in under-served communities.

Participation in the Annual Meeting

While the specific student activities may vary from year to year, here are some typical student-focused activities that the ASB offers:

Student travel awards

The ASB offers complimentary registration to help students cover the costs associated with attending the Annual Meeting. These awards are typically competitive. In 2023, the application was simplified by integrating the application with the submission process. ASB supports 20 – 25 students.  Details are available here

Diversity travel awards

The ASB offers complimentary registration (value $300) to help individuals from historically excluded and marginalized groups to attend the Annual Meeting. These awards are also competitive. ASB support 10 – 20  individuals.  Details are available here

Student volunteer opportunities

the ASB often seeks student volunteers to assist with various tasks during the Annual Meeting. In exchange for their time and effort, volunteers receive a complimentary registration. 

Student-specific sessions

The ASB organizes sessions and workshops specifically tailored to students’ needs and interests. These sessions can provide valuable networking opportunities, career guidance, and educational content designed to support student development in the field of biomechanics.

Mentoring program

The ASB Student Committee organizes the one-on-one mentoring program that matches students with faculty for mentoring at the meeting and afterwards. This program includes a dedicated lunch for program participants to meet.

Diversity event & Women In Science event

The ASB Diversity Committee organizes a lunch meeting every year focused on equity & inclusion for people from marginalized groups, and an evening event focused on equity & inclusion for female & non-binary individuals and their allies. These events provide networking and capacity building opportunities for all attendees. In 2023 the topic of discussion at the Diversity Lunch is citation bias, and the topic of discussion at the Women In Science Event is the Likeability Trap.


The ASB offers many workshops at the Annual Meeting every year, and several are focused on issues disproportionately affecting members from marginalized groups, teaching-intensive institutions and others who don’t have the resources, network, and institutional knowledge that the largest research-intensive institutions have.

Affinity group meetings

The ASB welcomes affinity groups to the Annual Meeting as a venue to cultivate cohort and community building. 

Networking opportunities

The ASB organizes several social events designed to facilitate networking among students as well as with professionals. – Student Social / Night Out: A casual, fun event designed for students to network with Student Committee members, Student Chapter representatives and fellow students.

  • Student Welcome Event: Often held after the Opening Reception, another fun event for student networking.
  • Job Market Poster Session (a more recent addition to the program). In this novel session, delegates searching for biomechanics jobs in the upcoming year will present posters that introduce themselves, their background/skills/research/etc. (essentially a “job talk” in poster form), to people at institutions who will be searching/hiring in biomechanics in the upcoming year.

Student room sharing

The ASB facilitates a process by which delegates can share hotel rooms and accommodation costs.

Student presentation award

The ASB recognizes outstanding student poster presentations at the Annual Meeting with the President’s Award.

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