Regional Meetings

The American Society of Biomechanics is committed to enhancing the educational and research experiences of graduate students.

ASB regional conferences are student centered gatherings which provide opportunity for graduate students, mentors, and other researchers to network and build collaborations as well as to practice scientific communication in a low key, supportive environment. Regional meetings can take a variety of formats from single day events, to Friday evening and Saturday gatherings, or even full weekends. It is intended that these be inexpensive for students but be carefully organized to provide an interactive experience of considerable value for participants.

ASB support for regional conferences will be distributed to several applying organizations in most years. We particularly encourage new organizing groups to apply for funding and urge groups that have previously received several rounds of funding from ASB for a regional conference to find additional sources for major support.


To apply for ASB support for a regional conference, submit an application with the following information:


  • Contact person, address, phone and email
  • Name of the host institution and address
  • Fiscal agent: Name, title and mailing address of the person responsible for handling grant funds at the applicant’s institution and the name to which the check should be made payable
  • Anticipated date(s) of the meeting
  • Proposed format of the meeting including a preliminary program
  • Budget including information concerning honoraria, travel and lodging expenses for speaker(s), student worker payments, facilities expenses, food/refreshment expenses, etc.
  • Budget explanation including justification of speaker and associated expenses, facilities costs and so forth
  • Budget estimates for registration fees for students and others
  • Other sponsor information


For its support of a regional conference, ASB expects that the meeting will be student centered with minimal costs for student participants. ASB will be highlighted during the conference as a major sponsor with students encouraged to become members of the society and encouraged to attend the national ASB conference. Moreover, “ASB” or “Biomechanics” should be part of the regional conference name. Regional conferences are generally held between January and May so as not to conflict with the national ASB conference during the summer months. Please note that all funds from ASB should be spent directly on meeting-related expenses, no indirect costs are permitted.

ASB anticipates funding 3-4 regional conferences each year, for an amount typically not exceeding $2,000 per conference. Deadline for submission of a regional conference application is September 30 each year. Submit applications electronically to the ASB Education Chair.