Board Elections

Members of the American Society of Biomechanics are invited to participate in the election process by nominating for and voting in the Board elections.  The Board consists of 15 seats. For a listing of the current board, please see the leadership page.

2024 Elections


The following seats are open for election:

  • President-Elect: 1-year term, rolling into the President role in August 2025 and to Past-President in August 2026 (each is a 1-year term)
  • Program Chair-Elect: 1-year term, rolling into the Program Chair (also a 1-year term)
  • Treasurer-Elect: 1-year term, rolling into the Treasurer role in August 2025 (a 3-year term)
  • Secretary: 3-year term
  • Student Representative: 2-year term
  • Nominating Committee (2 positions): 1-year term

All terms start in August 2024.

The selection of the slate was made by the Nominating Committee consisting of the Past-President, Rakié Cham and two elected members, Erica Bell and Wendi Weimar. The procedure is laid down in the Bylaws which can be found here.

Election Calendar

Nominations open: March 6

Nominations close: April 5

Elections open: May 15

Elections close: June 15

How to Vote

You will receive an invitation to vote by email and the bulletin via SurveyMonkey. If you have not received the email notification, please contact the Society Secretary

Candidates for President-Elect

Jonathan Dingwell, PhD

Jonathan Dingwell, PhD

Professor of Kinesiology
Penn State University

I attended my first ASB in 1994 (Columbus OH) as a Master’s student.  That meeting left an indelible impression.  Everyone seemed genuinely engaged in each other’s science and the atmosphere was incredibly student-friendly.  At the time, I was deliberating whether to continue for a PhD, and ASB-1994 helped finalize my choice.  Hard to believe it’s now nearly 30 years later.  I and my students have attended nearly every ASB since.  I’ve been honored to serve on several symposia, present tutorials, to serve on the Program and Nominating Committees, and to help compose two bids to host ASB.  The ASB Grant-In-Aid program supported my own dissertation and subsequently, several of my doctoral students.  I and my students have presented at several Regional ASB meetings, which offer invaluable opportunities to get students involved who might not otherwise be able to attend the national meetings.  I’ve attended other conferences, but none quite as welcoming as ASB.  Though the society and conference have grown substantially, ASB has remained true to its core values to promote excellent science and support students and trainees.  I have found no other society that has been as strongly and consistently student-focused and forward-looking.  If elected President-Elect, I will strive to continue to grow and strengthen ASB’s tradition of open scientific discourse across sub-disciplines.  I will also work to attract and strengthen ASB’s commitment to engaging new members into ASB from a wide range of backgrounds, and to foster a community of intellectual curiosity.

Deanna Gates, PhD

Deanna Gates, PhD

Associate Professor of Movement Science, Biomedical Engineering, and Robotics
University of Michigan

I am an Associate Professor of Movement Science, Biomedical Engineering, and Robotics at the University of Michigan.  Throughout my career, I have been committed to advancing biomechanics, with diverse experiences ranging from injury biomechanics consulting to working in civilian and military clinical gait laboratories.  Since attending my first conference in 2006, my involvement with ASB has been instrumental in my growth as a researcher and educator.  I have participated in the student mentoring program both as a student and then a mentor, served on the program committee, reviewed abstracts and awards, served as a panelist on various organized sessions and chaired sessions at the annual meetings. Outside of ASB, I have been active in the broader community through editorial roles on biomechanics-focused journals, serving as a grant reviewer, and organizing outreach events and developing media to promote biomechanics to underrepresented students at various educational levels.

I am honored to have been nominated to serve as ASB president.  If elected, I hope to contribute to the vision laid out in the strategic plan.  I will support and enhance existing programs to improve awareness of biomechanics, foster inclusivity and promote engagement of all members of the society and diversify representation across disciplinary areas within ASB.  Building off of great work by the educational committee in their teaching repository efforts, I also aim to advocate for accessible educational resources that can provide the general public with accurate biomechanics knowledge and engage future biomechanists.

Katherine R. Saul, PhD

Katherine R. Saul, PhD

Professor and Associate Department Head of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
North Carolina State University

ASB has been my professional home and beloved community since my first conference in Calgary in 2002. I have been an active member, abstract reviewer, session chair, and Executive Board member as Diversity Task Force Chair (2013-2015, established diversity mission statement and formal Diversity Chair position), Meeting Chair (2016, Raleigh), and Secretary (2018-2021). My research in rehabilitation engineering and computational modeling cross-cuts the ASB disciplines. I am grateful to have been recognized in our field, including AIMBE and ASB Fellow, ASB Predoctoral Young Scientist, and ASB Founders’ Award. My commitment to teaching and mentoring have also been recognized by NCState Outstanding Teaching and Outstanding Graduate Mentor Awards and Kern Family Foundation.

If elected, I would be thrilled to continue serving the biomechanics community, with an emphasis on improving the culture and support for our diverse membership and increasing public advocacy for science through channels such as our relationship with AIMBE. I also care deeply about teaching and mentoring the next generation of biomechanists and supporting trainees in their success and engagement within ASB, in academics, and in industry. If elected, I would continue to promote ASB teaching and outreach programming and the important role of trainees in the society.

Candidates for Program Chair-Elect

Kim Bigelow, PHD

Kim Bigelow, PHD

Professor, Director Mechanical Engineering Graduate Programs
University of Dayton

I am so honored and excited to run for Program Chair Elect. ASB has been my home since 2006 and I’ve been actively involved ever since, currently serving on the Awards Committee and as a co-founder of the Teaching Biomechanics Interest Group. I know how critical the Program Chair role is, and I am excited and prepared to work in collaboration with our ASB committees, affinity groups, and others, in creating the experience we have all come to love about ASB. I appreciate the holistic nature of our conferences – exciting and impactful scientific exchanges, high-quality professional development, and networking and mentoring opportunities. I want to think creatively and collaboratively to create a conference program that is the best it can be for all attendees, undergraduate students to corporate sponsors. As past ASB Education Chair, I saw the power of creating an Education Committee that represented the diversity of our society, ensuring inclusion from different disciplines, career stages, and institution types. Together we created conference programming that included pre-conference tutorials, symposia, presentations, and professional development. Additionally, we worked hard to successfully increase the number of education-related abstracts during those years, bringing scholarship of teaching and learning to a new level of visibility at our meetings. As Program Chair, I will similarly ensure a Program Committee that represents, and seeks input from our membership, and together we’ll broaden and diversify what we’ll see in 2026, ensuring that all aspects of our programming contribute to a high-impact experience for all.

Eni Halilaj, PhD

Eni Halilaj, PhD

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University

I am honored to be nominated to serve as the Program Chair for the 2026 American Society of Biomechanics Meeting. Having been a member for 15 years, I consider ASB my scientific community. If elected to serve in this role, my priorities would be to build a program that showcases the high-quality science and interdisciplinarity of our field, while also proactively stimulating conversations around grand challenges and emerging technologies, including, but not limited to, wearables, assistive robotics, artificial intelligence, and precision health. I would especially focus on the experience and opportunities offered to our trainees. For background, I am an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, with courtesy appointments in Biomedical Engineering and the Robotics Institute. I also hold an adjunct position in Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. I believe that my interdisciplinary training and work at the nexus of several disciplines position me well to value and maintain a balance across traditional areas of biomechanics, while also promoting the uptake and positioning of new technologies within those areas.

Candidates for Nominating Committee

Janet S. Dufek, PhD, FACSM

Janet S. Dufek, PhD, FACSM

Professor, Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

My name is Janet Dufek and I am currently a professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I am pleased to stand election as a member of ASB’s Nomination Committee.
I am a longstanding member of the American Society of Biomechanics (over 35 years, including my initial years as a student member). During my time as a professional member I have sponsored numerous students into the society and have encouraged professional engagement with the society for many of my own doctoral students as they began their professional, academic careers. While there are many professional organizations that one can become involved with, my favor has always been with the ASB due to its interdisciplinary membership categories. This perspective broadens the reach of the organization to its membership and provides an exposure to the breadth of the discipline we term biomechanics.
Given both my longstanding tenure with ASB as well as my commitment to continuous mentorship and interdisciplinarity, serving as a member of the Nomination Committee is a good fit for what I can offer. It would be a privilege to serve the ASB in this role.

Jason Franz, PhD

Jason Franz, PhD

Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University

It is an absolute privilege to be considered to return to serving on the Executive Board of the American Society of Biomechanics as a member of the Nominating Committee. For those I have yet to meet, I am an Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University; I also direct the UNC Applied Biomechanics Laboratory. Since my first ASB meeting in 2008, I have served on the inaugural student advisory committee and the communications committee; served as an abstract reviewer, session chair, and symposium organizer; served as Program Chair-Elect and Program Chair for the 2022 meeting in collaboration with our Canadian colleagues; and participated annually in student mentoring and professional development events. Indeed, as it is for many of you, the annual ASB meeting has been my scientific home throughout my training and career. If elected, I would work with my colleagues to accomplish the pivotal role of the Nominating Committee in identifying rising leaders in our field to help shape the future of our society. It is paramount that our nominees for these leadership positions continue to reflect the broad and evolving research interests and aspirations of our faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, post-docs, and clinical and corporate collaborators. I very much appreciate your support and I look forward to seeing you at our 2024 annual meeting in Madison, if not before.

Erika M. Pliner, PhD

Erika M. Pliner, PhD

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
University of Utah

Erika Pliner is an Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah. She received her PhD in Bioengineering at the University of Pittsburgh and BS/MS in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her research applies core competencies on biomechanics, ergonomics, and neuroscience to improve personal and occupational safety. She is the director of the Neuroergonomics & Occupational Biomechanics Laboratory. Her research comprises of experimental and simulated real-world paradigms to assess hazardous occupational tasks and balance for at-fall risk populations. Her expertise in whole-body biomechanics and mobile brain imaging enables her team to quantify the complexity of individual-environmental interactions. Her team leverages this knowledge with community stakeholders to mitigate the high prevalence of unintentional injuries.

Erika has been an active ASB member since 2014. She regularly presents her research at ASB conferences; she has co-chaired sessions at national and regional conferences; and she is a yearly instructor and mentor of National Biomechanics Day. In 2019, Erika received the ASB Pre-Doctoral Award. As a member of the Nominating Committee, she will ensure candidates are qualified, able, and willing to serve in their nominated roles. Erika will prioritize the assembly of research-diverse candidates.

Candidates for Secretary

Jonathan Lee-Confer, PhD

Jonathan Lee-Confer, PhD

Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy
University of Arizona

I am Jonathan Lee-Confer, PhD, an Assistant Professor in the Physical Therapy Department at the University of Arizona, and I am running for the position Secretary for the American Society of Biomechanics. Having been part of the ASB for nearly a decade, first as a PhD student and now as faculty, I am eager to give back to the community that has played such a pivotal role in my own development.

My extensive experience in leadership roles, including Secretary for Arizona’s Fall Prevention Coalition, Vice Chair of Research for ASTM International, and Chair of Education Committees, has equipped me with key skills in organization, attention to detail, and communication—essential for the Secretary position.

If elected, my priorities will be:

  • Enhancing communication and transparency across ASB to ensure all members feel connected and informed.
  • Organizing professional development needs and attracting diverse new members.
  • Meticulously documenting and archiving all ASB records and minutes to uphold our established traditions.

I am committed to using my skills and passion to contribute to American Society of Biomechanics’ success. I appreciate your support and look forward to the opportunity to serve as your Secretary.

Thank you for considering my candidacy.

Lisa MacFadden, PhD

Lisa MacFadden, PhD

Professor of Practice and Director of Biomechanics
University of South Dakota

I am honored to be nominated as Secretary. I earned my B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Rochester and M.S. and Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Utah. I bring a diverse perspective to the field with a career that includes senior engineering roles in the DoD, Director of Engineering in healthcare, and I currently serve as a Professor of Practice and Director of Biomechanics at the University of South Dakota.

 My commitment to ASB runs deep. I joined as a student in 2008 and have served on the Membership Committee since 2022.  I have been a board member of National Biomechanics Day since 2019. My passion for biomechanics is also reflected in my involvement in various national and international biomechanics societies and groups.

If elected, my primary focus will be to promote a vibrant and inclusive community. I will ensure transparent communication, manage society memberships, and conduct elections efficiently. As the Chair of the Membership Committee, I will continue to enhance member engagement, attract new talent, and provide professional development resources.

I will facilitate collaboration among ASB members by organizing networking events, workshops, and seminars. I believe in the power of diversity to drive innovation and will advocate for initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion. I will create a virtual regional meeting that targets our rural, international, and economically challenged members who might find other events inaccessible.

I am committed to serving the members of ASB with dedication and integrity. Thank you for your consideration.

Juanita (JJ) Wallace, phd

Juanita (JJ) Wallace, phd

Assistant Professor of Health and Exercise Science
Transylvania University in Lexington, KY

Juanita (JJ) Wallace is an Assistant Professor of Health and Exercise Science at Transylvania University in Lexington, KY. She has been a member of ASB since 2015. Previously she worked in clinical biomechanics and motion analysis/foot pressure in children and adolescents at Shriners Hospitals for Children Lexington, KY. After this work, she moved into a teaching role where her work has focused on the liberal arts and pedagogical practices using engaged learning strategies and integrating technology into the classroom (i.e. AI and VR).

During the 9 years she has been a member of ASB she has attended 5 of the annual conferences. At the last 2 conferences (2022 and 2023) she has served as a mentor for students, presented a poster, and co-lead a pre-conference workshop. Additionally, since 2022 she has served on both the Education Committee and Membership Committee for ASB. As part of these committees, she has helped to revamp The Repository (formerly known as the Teaching Repository) and helped to change the new member application process.

If elected to the secretary position she plans to combine her passions for DEI, technology, and collaborating with others to build bridges with other ASB groups (Diversity, Education, and Student Groups). She would like to continue working to eliminate barriers in the new member application process, create new initiatives to retain members and work with affinity groups to maintain contact with current members. All in the hopes of sustaining current members and enticing others to join.

Candidates for Treasurer-Elect

Robert Catena, PhD

Robert Catena, PhD

Associate Professor
Washington State University

I am Robert Catena, an associate professor at Washington State University. I did my PhD at University of Oregon (PI: Li-Shan Chou) and postdoc at Harvard School of Public Health (PI: Jack Dennerlein). Stemming from my biomechanics education and pre-biomechanics experiences in rural Alaska obstetric healthcare, my lab now researches ways to reduce injuries during pregnancy and improve postpartum health outcomes.

I have been serving ASB since being a volunteer at my first conference (Portland 2004). More recently, I served as the ASB Communications Chair (2015-2018). I was also a co-chair/host for the 2022 Northwest Biomechanics Symposium. So, I am familiar with ASB board operations and conference organization. Through my academic admin roles and ASB service, I’ve gained skills pertinent to being an effective treasurer like corporate partner relations, problem solving, accounting, and forecasting.

My priorities as treasurer will be to:

  1. fulfil the duties per Bylaws Article5-Section6.
  2. rapidly and accurately respond to requests from the board, members, conference hosts, and corporate partners.
  3. work with the president to expand corporate donorship with targeted initiates to shrink the deficit between donation revenue and award/grant expenses, which were -$17,694.71 in 2021 and -$31,466.61 in 2022 financial reports.
  4. ensure ASB keeps an appropriate balance for unforeseen circumstances (e.g. pandemic-related conference cancelation), but otherwise acts as an altruistic nonprofit to give back through decreased fees and public outreach.
  5. openly communicate. My experience has been that budgetary decisions often have good reasons, but decisions upset people when the reasons aren’t explained.
Young-Hui Chang, PhD

Young-Hui Chang, PhD

Associate Dean of Faculty, College of Sciences
Professor, School of Biological Sciences
Georgia Institute of Technology

I have enjoyed experiencing the growth and impact of the American Society of Biomechanics for 25 years. As my scientific home, I love attending and introducing my students to the excellent biomechanics research at our annual conferences. My biomechanics interests are broad and I relish the different perspectives of our diverse membership. I have served ASB through many channels: program committee, student mentorship program, awards committee, and various session chairs. Most recently, I served as the conference chair for both annual conferences held during the pandemic (ASB2020-2021). What a chaotic time to run a conference! After years of preparation for an in-person conference in Atlanta, in a matter of months we transitioned to a completely online format when Zoom was not as ubiquitous as today. While other societies suffered considerable financial losses from conference cancellations, I am proud to say that the ASB came out of this challenging period stronger than ever with record conference attendance and robust financial stability. The COVID19 pandemic was devastating, but I was inspired to see how the biomechanics community came together to support one another. This made me realize the importance of sustaining the ASB as a bridge that connects our research communities. If elected ASB Treasurer, my main priorities will be to maintain the financial health of the society, to serve and support its leadership and membership, to ensure smooth operations for its many outstanding programs and initiatives, and to provide guidance and strategic vision within the ASB executive board.

candidates for student representative

Bahman Adlou

Bahman Adlou

Auburn University

As a prospective ASB student representative, I’m driven by a passion for biomechanics and dedication to serving our community. My experience as a board member of a regional biomechanics interest group has equipped me with insights into students’ needs and the ability to create positive change.
My primary goals are fostering stronger connections between students, industry, and academia through networking events and collaborative projects, and bridging the gap between national and international research. I aim to improve accessibility by developing engaging, inclusive outreach programs and educational resources for diverse and youth populations.
As a second-year graduate student specializing in sport biomechanics, I’ve gained a deep understanding of applying biomechanical principles to enhance athletic performance, reduce injuries, and promote well-being. My work with elite athletes and industry collaborations has provided a unique perspective on our field’s challenges and opportunities.
If elected, I’ll leverage my knowledge, expertise, and experiences to implement positive changes, promote collaboration, and ensure students’ voices are heard within the ASB community. Together, we can create a more connected, inclusive, and impactful biomechanics community.

Daniel Duque Urrego

Daniel Duque Urrego

West Virginia University

As a dedicated American Society of Biomechanics member, I have been deeply inspired by the community and the collaborative spirit promoted at ASB 2023. My journey as a second-year Ph.D. candidate at West Virginia University, specializing in wearable sensors under the guidance of Stephen M. Cain, has equipped me with a strong foundation in biomedical engineering and a profound appreciation for the interdisciplinary collaboration that ASB supports.

My vision for the ASB Student Representative role is rooted in my commitment to enhancing student engagement, diversity, and professional development within our society. I aim to utilize my experiences and insights to serve as an effective conduit between the student body and the Executive Board, ensuring that student voices are heard and their needs addressed. By facilitating innovative student-led initiatives, enhancing the mentorship program, and leveraging social media platforms for better communication, I aspire to enrich the ASB student experience.

Embracing the responsibilities of this role, I am eager to contribute to the ASB’s mission by encouraging student participation, fostering educational opportunities, and promoting a diverse and inclusive environment where all members can thrive.

Abed Khosrojerdi

Abed Khosrojerdi

Old Dominion University

As an international student, graduate assistant in diversity, equity, inclusion, and access in the College of Engineering and Technology at Old Dominion University where I serve as VP of the ASB-ODU Chapter and leader and mentor in different student organizations, I will use my experience to guide underrepresented students in ASB, especially internationals. I encourage participation from the Black Biomechanics Association, Latinx in Biomechanics, and International Women in Biomechanics, and international students. I intend to create a mentoring program for international students. I would like to improve the student experience by supporting members to establish more ASB chapters in their institutes and to expand student chapters nationwide, fostering a stronger sense of community. I will continue monthly virtual meetings for knowledge sharing and networking. Additionally, I aim to co-sponsor events among chapters, inviting outstanding speakers from academia, government labs, and industry (i.e., biomechanical device manufacturers) to share their pathways, experiences, and challenges. I intend to host student regional events that bring together students from different chapters for networking, practical, and professional development workshops. By implementing these initiatives, I am committed to creating a supportive environment for all ASB students, advancing our academic and professional pursuits in biomechanics.

Paula Kramer

Paula Kramer

University of Utah

I aim to elevate the ASB student experience by implementing a range of targeted strategies. Firstly, through hosting workshops, we can provide students with a comprehensive understanding of pivotal milestones in their professional journey while facilitating valuable feedback from industry role models to refine their career trajectories. Secondly, establishing a dedicated GitHub ASB channel will serve as a centralized platform for students to exchange code, access resources, and engage in discussions pertaining to ASB topics, thereby fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the community. Thirdly, introducing a “Between-lab Study Methods and Results Testing” program seeks to disseminate research findings and promote collaboration among diverse university labs, ensuring the robustness and credibility of outcomes through rigorous testing. Moreover, by organizing biomechanics teamwork games during ASB events, we aim to cultivate camaraderie among students, promote collaborative problem-solving, and collectively strive toward common objectives. Lastly, I am dedicated to supporting students, especially those non-native English speakers, in enhancing their scientific communication skills through feedback sessions facilitated by proficient English speakers, thus ensuring seamless and effective knowledge exchange within our community. Overall, I firmly advocate for the indispensability of biomechanics events in energizing our passion, fostering collaboration, and driving continuous advancement in the field.

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