The ASB newsletter is a bi-annual publication that highlights the important activities of the society. Founded in 1989, the older newsletters provide historical context of the society. 

Editor & Layout:
Cara Lewis


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Annual Meeting Memories

Click here to browse our conference collages and take a walk down memory lane with ASB! These photos feature members, presenters, and delegates from previous ASB events.


The Newsletter was approved by the Executive Board and was first published in 1988 with Keith Williams as founding Editor. The Newsletter Editor is selected by the Executive Board and serves as a voting participant in the Executive BBiooard. The members of the ASB Newsletter Editorial Board are selected by the Newsletter Editor. The ASB Student Representative serves on the Editorial Board and contributes information of interest to students.

Past Editors

Keith Williams (1988-91)

Kit Vaughan (1992-95)

Joe Hale (1995-2000)

Don Anderson (2000-03)

Andy Karduna (2004-06)

Michelle Sabick (2006-2012)

William Ledoux (2012-2021)

Cara Lewis (2022-present)



Date Editor Issue
Jan 2024 Lewis volume 36 number2
July 2023 Lewis volume 36 number1
Feb 2023 Lewis volume 35 number2
July 2022 Lewis volume35 number1
Feb 2022 Lewis volume34 number2
Aug 2021 Ledoux volume34 number1
Dec 2020 Ledoux volume33 number2
Jun 2020 Ledoux volume33 number1


Date Editor Issue
Dec 2019 Ledoux volume32 number 2
Jun 2019 Ledoux volume32 number 1
Dec 2018 Ledoux volume31 number 2
Jun 2018 Ledoux volume31 number 1
Dec 2017 Ledoux volume30 number2
Jun 2017 Ledoux volume30 number1
Dec 2016 Ledoux volume29 number2
Jun 2016 Ledoux volume29 number1
Dec 2015 Ledoux volume28 number2
Jun 2015 Ledoux volume28 number1
Dec 2014 Ledoux volume27 number2
Jun 2014 Ledoux volume27 number1
Dec 2013 Ledoux volume26 number2
Jun 2013 Ledoux volume26 number1
Dec 2012 Ledoux volume25 number2
Jun 2012 Sabick volume25 number1
Dec 2011 Sabick volume24 number2
Jun 2011 Sabick volume24 number1
Dec 2010 Sabick volume23 number2
Jun 2010 Sabick volume23 number1


Date Editor Issue
Dec 2009 Sabick volume22 number2
Jun 2009 Sabick volume22 number1
Dec 2008 Sabick volume21 number2
Jun 2008 Sabick volume21 number1
Dec 2007 Sabick volume20 number2
Jun 2007 Sabick volume20 number1
Dec 2006 Sabick volume19 number2
Jun 2006 Karduna volume19 number1
Dec 2005 Karduna volume18 number2
Jun 2005 Karduna volume18 number1
Dec 2004 Karduna volume17 number2
Jun 2004 Karduna volume17 number1
Dec 2003 Anderson volume16 number2
Jun 2003 Anderson volume16 number1
Dec 2002 Anderson volume15 number2
Jun 2002 Anderson volume15 number1
Dec 2001 Anderson volume14 number2
Jun 2001 Anderson volume14 number1
Dec 2000 Anderson volume13 number2
Jun 2000 Hale volume13 number1


Date Editor Issue
Dec 1999 Hale volume12 number2
Jun 1999 Hale volume12 number1
Dec 1998 Hale volume11 number2
Jun 1998 Hale volume11 number1
Dec 1997 Hale volume10 number2
Jun 1997 Hale volume10 number1
Dec 1996 Hale volume9 number2
Jun 1996 Hale volume9 number1
Dec 1995 Hale volume8 number2
Jun 1995 Vaughan volume8 number1
Dec 1994 Vaughan volume7 number2
Jun 1994 Vaughan volume7 number1
Dec 1993 Vaughan volume6 number2
May 1993 Vaughan volume6 number1
Dec 1992 Vaughan volume5 number1
Jun 1992 No newsletter during this period
Dec 1991 Williams volume4 number2
Jun 1991 Williams volume4 number1
Dec 1990 Williams volume3 number2
Apr 1990 Williams volume3 number1


Date Editor Issue
Dec 1989 Williams volume2 number2
Mar 1989 Williams volume2 number1
Sep 1988 Williams volume1 number2
May 1988 Williams volume1 number1
Mar 1977 ? March 1977
Dec 1976 ? December 1976
Feb 1976 ? February 1976
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