Support the American Society for Biomechanics. Your support plays a pivotal role in advancing the field of biomechanics, driving groundbreaking research, and fostering innovation. Join us in our mission to make significant strides in understanding movement and its impact on health and performance.

Support the American Society for Biomechanics. Your support plays a pivotal role in advancing the field of biomechanics, driving groundbreaking research, and fostering innovation. Join us in our mission to make significant strides in understanding movement and its impact on health and performance.

Why Support the ASB?

Education and Outreach

We are committed to nurturing the next generation of biomechanists. By supporting ASB, you help us provide grants and scholarships, training programs, and educational resources to aspiring scientists and researchers. Biomechanics studies are an ideal platform for advancing STEM education by seamlessly combining physics, mathematics, and engineering with the study of movement in human and animal systems.

Impactful Collaboration

ASB serves as a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration, bringing together experts from diverse fields such as engineering, physics, mathematics, biology, physical therapy, orthopedics, rehabilitation, and more. Your donation facilitates collaborations that drive innovation and accelerate discoveries in biomechanics that help researchers understand and impact a variety of diseases, ultimately helping our fellow citizens.

Pioneering Research

ASB funds cutting-edge research initiatives aimed at unraveling the complexities of biomechanics. Your contribution directly supports projects exploring movement mechanics, injury prevention, rehabilitation techniques, and more.

How Your Donation Makes a Difference

Travel Awards

The ASB offers complimentary registration to help students cover the costs associated with attending the Annual Meeting.

The ASB Travel Award for my presentation at ASB last year was certainly an honor that boosted my confidence giving my first-ever oral podium! Transitioning from being a clinician (physical therapist) to a researcher has been full of learning moments and challenges, and my experience at ASB was one that has helped solidify my desire to be in the scientific world.  The society is truly full of welcoming people whose perspectives have inspired me to continue to actively participate in the biomechanics community.”

– Julia Manczurowsky


This program pairs undergraduate students with host laboratories for an 8-week period.  Students accepted into this program receive a grant for up to $6000 to cover travel, temporary housing, and living expenses for the summer.

“I was able to make great connections, develop professionally and individually, and was challenged in ways that has prepared me in my field for the future. I can’t thank ASB enough for believing in me and opening a door that will allow me to follow my passion”.

Destinee Webster, Georgia State University

Tell us what matters to you!

We will work with you to customize and personalize your donation to support awards and initiatives in areas that matter most to you.

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Set-Up Your Own Fellowship

Make a donation and set up a fellowship in recognition of an influential person who shaped your life and career.

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How to Contribute

Individual Donations

Make a lasting impact with your donation

Your individual donation, regardless of its size, directly supports ASB’s mission. There are various ways you can make a donation:

  • Annual Giving: You may designate your donation to a specific program or research area that resonates with you or make a general donation. Your generosity fuels progress and innovation in biomechanics research and education. Make a donation when you join the ASB or renew your membership.
  • Employer Matching: Explore whether your employer offers a donation matching program. Many companies match or multiply their employees’ charitable contributions, effectively doubling or even tripling the impact of your gift.
  • Honorary or Memorial Donations: Consider honoring a loved one or celebrating a special occasion by making a donation in their name. It’s a meaningful way to pay tribute while contributing to the advancement of biomechanics research.
  • Legacy Giving: Consider leaving a lasting legacy by including ASB in your estate plans. Your enduring support will shape the future of biomechanics for generations to come.

Corporate Partnership

Engage with the biomechanics community

Corporate partnership offers unique opportunities for actively participating in the life of the society and supporting the biomechanics community.

Corporate engagement can take the form of joining our Corporate Partnership Program, a direct financial contribution to an ASB program or initiative of your choice, in-kind donations, in-kind donations of goods or services, sponsorship of the Annual Meeting, partnership on society educational initiatives, matching employee donations through corporate matching gift programs, or even offering expertise through mentorship initiatives.

We welcome the participation of corporate partners and their staff in the form of society membership, recognizing the valuable synergy between academia and industry in enriching research endeavors, promoting scientific progress and serving our membership and community.

Contact the ASB Treasurer to inquire about opportunities or to share your ideas on how you can participate.

    Your donation and support fuel the advancement of biomechanics research and education, bringing us closer to unlocking the mysteries of human movement and improving lives worldwide. Together, we can propel the field of biomechanics to new heights.

    Legal Information

    Tax Deductibility Disclaimer:
    The ASB is a registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Donations made to the ASB may be eligible for tax benefits in accordance with applicable laws. We advise donors to consult with a tax professional for specific information regarding the deductibility of your contributions.

    Financial Transparency Statement:
    The ASB is committed to financial transparency. We strive to ensure that donations are utilized efficiently and effectively to support our programs, initiatives, and projects in alignment with our mission. For detailed financial information, please see our Annual Report or contact our Secretariat (

    Terms of Donations:
    Donations made to the ASB are voluntary and non-refundable. By donating, you acknowledge that the contribution is made without any expectation of goods or services in return.

    Privacy and Data Protection Statement:
    We are committed to protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your information. Donor information collected will only be used for the purpose of processing donations and communicating with donors. We do not sell or share donor information with third parties.

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