Career Resources

graduate student grant-in-aid program

The purpose of this program is to support ASB student members pursuing biomechanics research by offering a source of research funding. The grants are distributed on a competitive basis and are intended to offset the costs directly associated with conducting research. Funds may be used for small equipment items, materials and supplies, and animal or participant costs, but cannot be used to support travel costs, salaries or indirect costs of research. ASB anticipates awarding 3-5 grants of $2000 each for a one-year period beginning in May each year.


Student travel awards

Student Travel Awards are offered to help students attend the ASB annual meeting. To be eligible, one must be an ASB student member and must have authored an abstract for presentation at the annual meeting.  If more than one application is received by students of the same advisor, only one will be funded.  Each award will be for $250.