I am deeply honored and thrilled to have been elected President-Elect of the American Society of Biomechanics (ASB). Thank you for your trust, I promise to do my best to continue to make you proud of our Society. I still do not know who started me on this wonderful journey by nominating me for this position, but whoever you are, I am so glad you did (!) and I am profoundly grateful. I feel blessed and privileged to be working with a wonderful leadership team, who genuinely cares about ASB, keeping it vibrant even during the virtual era of Covid-19.

As President-Elect, I was assigned the task of partnering with the experts of Podium, ASB’s association and conference management company, to solicit proposals from academic groups interested in hosting our upcoming (hopefully in-person!) annual meetings. This process has started: we have identified a shortlist of potential candidates (all great!) and ASB’s Executive Board members will vote soon after we get the chance to review the proposals. I get excited just thinking about the idea of in-person annual ASB meetings. Another one of my tasks is to ensure the smooth progression of the presidential line. To that end, I sincerely enjoy working under the leadership of Professor Hsaio-Wecksler, supporting her goals for ASB, and learning from the immense experience of Past-President, Professor Stergiou.

I also look forward to working on my initiatives soon. As I mentioned in my President-Elect candidate statement, “I am particularly passionate about efforts that promote diversity and inclusion of not only underrepresented racial groups and women but also disability inclusion.” I cannot wait to partner with Professor Chaudhari and the members of the Diversity Committee, who are dedicated to this goal and are already doing great work in this area. Other initiatives that I would like to pursue are related to outreach activities and events, supporting ASB’s current strategic priorities, and developing new directions that will generate excitement and interest in biomechanics in the community and scientists that are not currently ASB members.

I would like to end this note by wishing you all a safe and healthy 2022. Please feel free to reach out for comments or questions you have for me. Together we can continue to excel as a society and make an impact in the community.