I have really enjoyed digging into the work of being President-Elect of ASB. The presidential line has diligently been working to:

  • Support final preparation for ASB 2023 in Knoxville.
  • Plan for ASB 2024 and site selection for 2025. The sites, venues, and hotels are selected, and planning is underway. We look forward to announcing the next ASB location during the Annual ASB Business meeting in August.
  • Renew our relationship with Podium. Services provided by Podium lower the administrative burden of serving on the ASB Executive Board. After successfully phasing in Podium’s services, we are working together to develop the next contract to best serve ASB’s needs. ASB is growing and Podium will help us meet the evolving needs of our membership base.
  • Establish a committee whose work will indefinitely support ASB awards and potentially new programs and initiatives that serve ASB Strategic Priorities.

I look forward to working with the new members of the Executive Board. I am very thankful to the current ASB Executive Board members for welcoming and guiding me in this role, especially Drs. Elizabeth Hsiao-Wecksler and Rakié Cham. I look forward to continuing this work after taking the ASB Presidential gavel. Please feel free to contact me with any ideas, comments or suggestions. I look forward to seeing you in Knoxville!