In my third and last year as the inaugural Awards Chair, I am excited for the 2022 ASB Award season. The applicants are always exceptional, and their dedication and service to the field of biomechanics, their colleagues, and students is truly inspirational. Our 2021 ASB Winners exemplified all these qualities and more!

At the 2021 ASB Annual meeting, the following Meeting Award Winners were announced:

Journal of Biomechanics Award Winner
Exploring the functional boundaries and metabolism of triceps surae force-length relations during walking
Callum J. Funk, Rebecca L. Krupenevich, Gregory S. Sawicki, Jason R. Franz
UNC Chapel Hill and NC State University, and Georgia Tech

Clinical Biomechanics Award Winner
Redistribution of muscular work by children with cerebral palsy walking in crouch
Anahid Ebrahimi, Michael Schwartz, Jack Martin, Tom Novacheck & Darryl Thelen
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare 

3 Minute Thesis Masters Award Winners
Winner: Janelle Kaneda, Stanford University
Honorable Mention: Gaspard Diotalevi, Université de Sherbrooke
People’s Choice: Gabriella Small, University of Texas at Austin

3 Minute Thesis Doctoral Award Winners
Winner: Justin Scott, Michigan State University
Honorable Mention: Micah Garcia, The University of Toledo
People’s Choice: Kayla Pariser, University of Delaware, and Eva Maddox, Old Dominion

President’s Award, Chosen by Nick Stergiou from all Posters
SHH! Quiet Running Promotes Sustained Reduction in Ground Reaction Force
Kevin Dames, Darah Rothstein, Larissa True, and Jacqueline Augustine
SUNY Cortland & New Mexico State University

The completion of the awards review and granting process each year relies on so many generous volunteers. Each year over 30 ASB members from students to Fellows assist in the review and scoring of the award applications. I encourage all ASB members to consider participating on the Awards Committee. You can sign up using this form.

Within the full portfolio of awards granted by ASB, there are awards that are created and managed by other groups including the Education Committee, Diversity Committee, and the Council of Fellows. See the newsletter sections from those Chairs to learn more about new and exciting award opportunities.

Recently we named the next Awards Chair, Rumit Singh Kakar, and I am so grateful to work with him this year during the transition. Together we will be setting up a standing Awards Committee and exploring improved options for awards management while continuing to improve the consistency of the review process across awards.

I’m honored to be a part of the ASB Executive Committee, a group of dedicated volunteers that lean into their values and lead by example.  I am hopeful to see you all in person at NACOB!