Hello from your Communications Chair! Hope the holiday season went well for all of you with some well-deserved rest!

Here are the updates from your ASB Communications Team that includes Cara Lewis, Ana Ebrahimi, Anna Bailes:

1. The Communications team has been working to keep the ASB website updated and accurate. Members can now view the key dates related to the Annual Meeting, Elections and ASB Membership on the ASB homepage by clicking on the ASB Calendar or on this webpage

2. The Programs and Labs webpage has more than 300 programs and labs from 40 states listed on the website. If your program is not listed or needs to be edited please send your institute’s name and weblink for the Department’s page (separate link for each department) to the Communications Chair at ASBcommunications@asbweb.org.

3. The Communications team has been using Twitter as the primary social media platform (https://twitter.com/AmSocBiomech)!

4. Currently there are more than 7800 followers on X (previously Twitter). The Communications team regularly posts about ASB-related deadlines for annual meetings and conferences, awards and others. We also post about student events and ASB Regional Meetings. To promote the science of Biomechanics, we post conference and awards deadlines from other Biomechanics-based conferences. Be sure to follow your ASB using the X handle: @AmSocBiomech

The Communications team is also eagerly looking forward to seeing you all in beautiful Madison, WI for the ASB Annual Meeting in August! We loved seeing all the posts for the ASB meeting in Knoxville! Be sure to tag @AmSocBiomech in your X posts related to the ASB Annual Meeting and Regional Meetings and use #ASB2024 for the Annual Meeting this year. If you have suggestions for the Communications team in terms of website changes, social media posts or anything else, please feel free to contact me (ASBcommunications@asbweb.org)!

Thank you,

Srikant Vallabhajosula