“Pea-corn. Pop-nuts. Chewing gars. Ci-gum. Magazettes!”

While my Dad (and my Grandfather before him) often belted out this line as if a food vendor at a ballpark, this column isn’t about peanuts and popcorn themselves, but about the price of them. My Dad estimates that they would have cost 10 cents. Anyone who has been to a major league baseball park (or even a minor league one) knows that you’ll need dollars, not cents, to buy your peanuts and popcorn these days.

The same is true for our Society. The costs to our membership have increased as have the costs incurred by our Society. Part of this increase is due to the growth of our Society. As highlighted in our last Newsletter, we’re over 1000 members strong now, so we need a lot more popcorn than we used to! We also work to give back to our membership through our multiple awards programs that support research and travel. See the Awards section so you don’t miss out on these opportunities. Part of the increased cost is simply due to inflation. As Yogi Berra would say, “A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore”. We know that is true both for our members and for our Society. With the help of Treasurer Maria Pasquale , we work diligently to be strategic in our financial planning and to maintain financial stability despite the rising costs.

One way that you can help us in this effort is by donating – not your old car or old motion capture system (now I’m wondering if that is something we can do) – but, as able, your money. Many of you have already started to do so… Thank you! As Past President Rakie Cham highlights in her section, we want to create a culture of regular giving (of time, talents, telephone lists, and even tips) to help support our strategic priorities. And if you’re interested in helping to set those priorities, contribute to the Strategic Planning process as opportunities arise (see President -Elect Ajit Chaudhari’s section).

While all of this talk of donating time and money is great, I do want to acknowledge that we’re not all in a position to do so. Depending where you are in your career and in your life, you may be wondering where you could get a little more of either of those (or both). And honestly, isn’t that what it’s all about? Those with a little extra giving what they can to help support and advance those who can’t?

So whether it’s peanuts and popcorn, or hours and dollars, consider sharing your resources with our Society. Together, we can help advance the field of biomechanics while supporting the individuals within it.